David Anton Productions Bio


Originally from Queens, New York, David Anton has had experience with all aspects of video, including being a professional cameraman, editor, lighting director, audio engineer, producer and more.


For the past thirty years, David has served in a professional capacity with a number of major television and news stations, most notably WLIW/WNET, New York’s PBS stations. In his tenure at WLIW, Dave has had responsibilities as a cameraman and lighting director for national documentaries such as “A Laugh A Tear A Mitzvah, The Puerto Rican Americans, The German Americans, The Italian Americans, The Irish Americans, and the Armenian Americans”. At WLIW, he also spent seven years as technical and lighting director for three weekly PBS shows, Town Hall meetings, and political programming. He also spent five years as Engineering Supervisor, responsible for hiring and scheduling 15-20 staff engineers per week.

Dave’s many years in the professional video field have given him mastery in video editing and producing. He is proficient in AVID and Final Cut Pro Editing systems and has experience in relevant programs such as Motion, Color, Photoshop and many professional audio editing programs. David is also a seasoned and talented bass player, and continues to work presently with several established New York Metro area bands.